Bill Alberts Consulting
Meeting and Convention Planners
About Us

Our family has been organizing conventions for over 20 years.  By the end of 2015 we will have finished our 50th owner and pilot convention representing 5 different owner and pilot associations.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am Bill Alberts and I am a former Malibu/Mirage owner and pilot (1990-1997).  I was President of MMOPA from 1994-1996 and on their board for seven years (1993-1999).  After selling my business of 25 years and retiring in the late 90’s, I continued to assist MMOPA with their annual convention and eventually became their sole convention coordinator.  As many of the owner/pilots of the Malibu/Mirage group moved on to other aircraft, I was convinced to come out of my retirement and began coordinating other owner/pilot association’s conventions.  With the assistance of my son, Bill, Jr., we currently plan conventions for MMOPA, TBMOPA, Citation Jet Pilots, EJOPA, and The Twin Cessna Flyers.  Together we have 35+ years of convention planning experience and our goal is to exceed your expectations when you attend one of these meetings. We also hope that you will come away saying that this is the best organized, well planned, informative meetings that you have ever attended.

It is our commitment in planning the convention for the attendees to focus on the these goals:

* Fly Safer

* Get the latest updates on safety information

* Attend great seminars 

* Network with other Owner/Pilots

* Get companions involved

* Meet new vendors

* Have a little fun while at the event